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RAM on Land

RAM Company has been involved with numerous land applications, both military and commercial. Military applications include fast response time gun-firing solenoids for automatic weapons, selection of automatic weapon ammunition, and operation of valves for halon gas systems and refrigeration systems, generic to several variations of military tanks. Commercial applications include thousands of Ram Company solenoids manufactured for the refrigeration truck industry, utilized for both engine throttle and cargo temperature control, as well as sorting applications utilizing rotary devices just to name a few.

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RAM in the Air

RAM Company has solenoid applications in aircraft ranging from Cesna to the Boeing 787, as well as a vast array of military aircraft. These solenoids are primarily used to control air and fuel valves in conditions of extreme temperature and vibration. In addition, RAM Company has designed and manufactured solenoids for oxygen mask deployment, door locks, and fin-guidance systems for missiles. Various types of solenoid valves are commonly used for aileron systems, flap and landing gear control, fuel control, and bleed air. These are just a few of our more common aerospace applications.

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RAM under the Sea

RAM Company is involved in many underwater and above-surface applications that are used for a wide spectrum of purposes. Our solenoids and valves can be found in oil rigs, ship emergency doors, underwater testing systems, deep sea gathering systems, and in fin-guidance systems that are used for controlling underwater drones for the US military, among others. Our engineers are committed to finding answers to challenging problems that can occur under the roughest conditions at sea.

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RAM roaming Space

RAM Company solenoids are utilized on many different space programs from the International Space Station to Orion. In one application, a rotary solenoid is used on an outer door lock for unlatching a docking hatch. Another application utilizes a rotary butterfly valve in the water purification system. Rotary solenoids are also utilized on rockets for deploying satellites into orbit.